❖ Establish standards of recognition by producing guidelines for the approval and accreditation      of optometry and optician programs in Institutions of Higher Learning.
❖ Provide Training to panel of assessors with the help of MQA.
❖ Provide approval and recognition to institutions wishing to offer optometry and optician              programs.
❖ Carry out compliance monitoring on institutions offering optometry and opticianri programs.
❖ Certify the qualifications issued by the institution so that the registration of graduates can be      done.

❖ Register a qualified individual through full registration.
❖ Issue annual practice certificates for all registered practitioners.
❖ Conduct an Optician interview before registration is done.
❖ Conduct contact lens examination for Opticians before issuing contact lens permit.
❖ Ensure Professional Qualification Assessment is conducted for applicants who want to               register but are not eligible in the list.
❖ Update the list of HEPs and qualifications recognized by the MOC in the First and Second           Schedules of the Malaysian Optical Council.
❖ Maintain OPTims system.
❖ Maintain and update the information of the Malaysian Optics Council in the MOH website.
❖ Maintain and update information in the MOC facebook page.

❖ Ensure existing laws and regulations are enforced and complied with.
❖ Carry out survellian enforcement on practitioners who do not renew their registration.
❖ Receive and address all complaints regarding practitioners and practitioners from the public       and practitioners themselves.
❖ Review of the Optics Act 1991.
❖ Reviewed the Optical Regulations 1994 and Code of Conduct.
❖ Make amendments to the Optics Act 1991 and the Optics Regulations 1994.
❖ Make amendments to the Code of Conduct and incorporate them into the Optics Act 1991.

❖ Set CPD points for courses organized by optometry practitioners.
❖ Annual CPD eye monitoring collected by optometry practitioners.
❖ Ensure existing SOPs are used by all optometry practitioners.
❖ Ensure all practitioners have high competencies.
❖ Upgrading the optician profession to optometrists by holding an accelerated course.
❖ Recognize Optometrist expertise with a Doctorate Degree by creating a National Specialist          Registry for Optometrists.

❖ Monitor the time card of all members.
❖ Manage the leave of all members.
❖ Monitor the training required by all members.
❖ Manage all courses / workshops organized by MOC.
❖ Coordinate and carry out all quality activities such as ISO, Customer Feedback,
❖ EKSA, Quality Objectives, Client Charter and many more.
❖ Manage files in the DDMS system and all physical files within the department.
❖ Supervise the e-Receipt system and manual receipts for all payments at the Malaysian             Optical Council.
❖ Provide monthly revenue collection report to Accountant Officer, UPK, Medical Program.
❖ Review and manage travel claims of Malaysian Optical Council Members, MOC Technical           Committee and MOC members.
❖ Manage food and beverage orders for each meeting from the supplier and prepare a request      note for the issuance of local orders from UPK.
❖ Send the collection of collection and related documents to the Main Revenue Collector every     day.
❖ Manage and prepare PSH recruitment application documents and PSH extension documents.
❖ Prepare PSH salary statement every month.
❖ Manage correspondence within the department.