Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Developments (CPD) is a program that contributes to the accumulation of knowledge, skills and experience that can enhance the professionalism of healthcare  in their respective fields. This approach is important because the field of medicine is constantly evolving with the latest research and discoveries that require healthcare professionals to continuously improve their knowledge in line with the progress made in order to provide the best and most current medical care to the community.

MOH has developed an online CPD monitoring system known as the myCPD system. The system allows optometrists and other healthcare professionals to record their CPD activities in an online logbook.

MyCPD system has been used by MOH since 2007 and has been upgraded to myCPD2.0 since 2017. Now, the system also be extended to private optometry practitioners.

CPD credit points for Annual Practice Certificate (APC) renewal

Although the use of CPD credit points for the renewal of APC for optometrist and optician has not been enforced at this time, Malaysian Optical Council still encourages all registered optometry practitioners to register as users in the myCPD2.0 system to record all CPD activities in the logbook. It is to ensure that optometry practitioners in Malaysia are always competent and excellent in providing quality and safe healthcare to the people.

CPD Credit point System for Optometrist / Optician

CPD points for optometry practitioners are based on CPD credit templates for optometrists and optician provided by the Malaysian Optical Council.


 Malaysian Optical Council has provided guidelines and procedures for referral to users and program / event providers.

1.       CPD Handbook

2.       Mycpd2.0 System Council of Malaysia Optical Systems

3.       How to register user

4.       How to register as provider

5.       How to create event

6.       How to create a program

7.       How to upload attendance list

More detail guidelines:

1.       Module user

2.       Module provider

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