Annual Practicing Certificate (APC)

An optometry practitioner registered with the MOC can submit his application for an annual practice certificate using Form 8 for the optician and Form 9 for the optometrist set out in the Optics Regulations 1991, pay the required fees and MOC issue with the Annual Practicing Certificate (APC). Practitioners in the government sector are exempt from payment.

The APC needs to be renewed annually, and applications for the APC for the following year must submit to MOC before 1st December current year. The fee charged is RM 50.00. Late applications are subject to an additional fine of RM25.00 per application.

For manual payment:

Money Order, Postal Order or Bank Draft is made to the “Registrar of the Malaysian Optical Council”. All practitioners must make a fee to renew the APC individually/separately. Practitioners are not allowed to share Money Order/ Postal Orders / Bank Drafts with other practitioners. Cash and personal checks are not accepted.

For online payment:

Via myBayar provided by the myGovernment Portal. Details http: www.mybayar.gov.my

Optometry practitioners are required to have APCs at each practice premises and are required to exhibit APCs at each premises.

Code and Fee Rates for Malaysia Optical Council

No. Code List of Application Fee
1. 71311 Optometrist Registration  RM 100
2. 71311A Optoician Registration  RM 100
3. 71311B APC Optometrist RM50
4. 71311C APC Optician RM50
5. 71311D Contact Lens Exam (Practical) RM700
6. 71311E Contact Lens Exam (Theory) RM200
7. 76111 APC Optometrist Penalty   RM25
8. 76111A APC Optician Penalty RM25